Are Press Releases Still relevant?

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The dialog continues on the relevance of “press” releases. I have worked for firms where there was an artificial emphasis on sending out one press release per week. We even hired a consultant who was a marvel as spinning such useless tidbits such as “re-painting the parking spaces in the front lot” as a sign of business development.

On the other hand, my most successful effort was working with our agency as we launched an industry-leading technology. We created a campaign of planned editorial and analyst briefings and created a series of exclusives related to the release. When all was said and done, we achieved an almost simultaneous coverage with covers and articles by major editors/columnists over a 60-day period at launch.

The issue remains in balancing the need for attention with understanding what constitutes “news”. Today, you don’t have worry about print press only – but you can craft an excellent campaign building on alternate news streams (e.g. bloggers and podcasters.) But you need to still feed the machine and there is clearly an opportunity to redefine the traditional press release.

Web Site Pet Peeve

755378645_a29383dc9d_t.jpgApparently I am still grumpy. Today I was reminded of a problem that I continue to have when signing up for accounts. The so-called personal question!

We battled this problem when working with banks – they wanted to the middle-name of your second aunt and that effectively made having others responsible for making changes on the account from accessing the data. That is great for personal accounts – not so great for corporate accounts where the individual responsible for the account might be gone tomorrow.

There needs to be a better way to ensure corporate access to accounts – and still provide security (I like the RSA keychain devices – still geographically limiting but works better than “Your favorite color?”)

FeedBurner owes me part of my life back

I can’t believe how slowly Feedburner page loads when you just want to click and subscribe to a feed. More annoyingly – Feedburner appears to remember what reader you use if you subscribe to more than one feed in a session.

Just get on with it – don’t load the entire stream again for me. I just left the site where I could read the feed in context, if I wanted to. I want to click and go.

[Sorry for the grumpiness – the gray skies here in the PNW must be getting to me!]

With Apologies to my agency friends

This virtual account rep cracked me me up – too close to some “bad” experiences.

Virtual Rep

This makes me laugh

I may have worked with too many programmers. but this cracks me up.

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